Ti-on Sa Pagtuon

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon is to teach us truths about the Bible that will help nurture our spiritual aspect in life. It teaches lessons from the Bible for application in our daily intimate walk with God.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon


Ti-on Sa Pagtuon | Lesson 12 - Q4

This week we’ll look at a few of those instances and see what truth, present truth, we can draw from them.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 4 Q4 - (Ang Katipan nga Dayon)

What follows that opening line, however, is a powerful expression of truth that remains as crucial now as it was then.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 3 Q4 - (Ang Katipan nga Dayon)

This week we will look at the idea of the covenant as expressed in the book of Deuteronomy, where the covenant and all that it entails is made manifest.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 3 Q4 - (Ang Katipan nga Dayon)

We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.” — Ellen G. White, Life Sketches, p. 196.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 1 Q4 - (Preambulo Sa Deuteronomio)

To cover in one week’s lesson the thousands of years of history before we come to Deuteronomy is to do somewhat the same thing. But by focusing on the highlights, we can see the context needed to best understand this book, so rich with “present truth.”

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 10 Q3 - Aug 28- Sep 3 (Ang Inugpahuway)

This week we will look more at the rest God has given us in the Sabbath commandment and why it’s important.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon - Lesson 9 Q3 - Aug 21-27 (Ang Sulundan sang Pahuway)

Watch this week's lesson to know how much we need to depend on God’s Word for understanding truth.

Ti-on Sa Pagtuon
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