Kasama ang Ama

is a short devotional program replete with inspiring, soul-boosting and relevant Bible gems and promises.

Kasama ang Ama


KAA S6 - EP13

The Cross, The Cure

KAA S6 - EP12

The Risen Christ Gives Peace

KAA S6 - EP11

From Tears To Triumph On Easter Morning

KAA S6 - EP10

Resurrection Before Dawn

KAA S6 - EP09

What I Have Written, I Have Written

KAA S6 - EP08

Christ's Most Remarkable Convert

KAA S6 - EP07

Barnabas Or Christ

KAA S6 - EP06

Peter's Denial of Christ

KAA S6 - EP05

The Most Difficult Prayer to Pray

KAA S6 - EP04

The Colt, The Crowd and the Children

KAA S6 - EP03

Whom Say Ye That I Am

KAA S6 - EP02

Wounds, Bruises and Peace

About the Show

A daily dose of spiritual nourishment to get you started through the day, “Kasama ng Ama” is a short devotional program replete with inspiring, soul-boosting and relevant Bible gems and promises. In victory or failure, promotion or termination, in health or sickness, in want or abundance, as you hit rock bottom or reach the stars, and everything else in between, whatever, however, wherever, whoever you may be, one things is certain – our ever loving, compassionate and gracious God is with you – YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. You are “Kasama ng Ama” (with the Father).

Pastor Romeo T. Mangiliman

Pastor Romeo T. Mangiliman

Kasama ang Ama
Pastor Romeo T. Mangiliman
Sermon, Faith
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