Hope Channel International Names Vyacheslav Demyan as President-Elect

Hope Channel International Names Vyacheslav Demyan as President-Elect

The Board of Directors of Hope Channel International (HCI) today named Vyacheslav Demyan as president-elect of HCI.


The Board of Directors of Hope Channel International (HCI) today named Vyacheslav Demyan as president-elect of HCI. Vyacheslav Demyan will succeed Derek Morris, who served as President since 2016 and announced his retirement as of October of this year.

Demyan joined Hope Channel International in 2019 as the Vice President of Programming after serving as Director General of Hope Media Group Ukraine for 11 years. For the last four years, he has diligently guided the development and execution of programming to support HCI’s missiological goals. He has a passion for media ministry and a mission to reach millions of people with the Good News. 

“I am honored to be elected as the new President of Hope Channel International,” said Demyan. 

“Derek Morris has set a stellar example as a man of God, and I look forward to continuing to be a blessing to my team members and our Hope Channel network around the world in proclaiming the message of hope to our millions of viewers,” he emphasized.

“It has been a great privilege to serve as President of Hope Channel International for the past seven and a half years. I was blessed to serve with an outstanding team and we have seen God work in miraculous ways,” said Derek Morris. 

“I am thankful for God’s leadership in the election of Vyacheslav Demyan as president-elect for Hope Channel International. Vyacheslav is a gifted and humble leader who is deeply committed to the global evangelistic media ministry of Hope Channels around the world.”

Morris will continue to serve as host of Hope Sabbath School, an in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God, broadcast worldwide on the Hope Channel network.

“Today we had a blessed, prayerful and spirit-guided HCI board meeting to elect the new HCI President, Elder Vyacheslav Demyan.” said Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Vice President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Guillermo Biaggi. 

“We pray that the Lord will greatly bless this transitional period and the HCI team to reach, by His grace, new levels of development for HCI’s mission worldwide,” he stated.

“We welcome Vyacheslav to his new role as President. His understanding of missiology as it relates to media is a huge asset. We look forward to working with him as we grow to reach new frontiers of mission,” added HCI Vice President for Finance, Gideon Mutero.

Demyan will begin functioning in his new role on November 1st, 2023.

About Hope Channel

Hope Channel International Inc. (HCI) is a Christian global media network that offers programs on Christian living with a holistic focus on faith, health, relationships, and community. Hope Channel began broadcasting in North America in 2003. Today, Hope Channel is a global network with more than 80 channels broadcasting in over 80 languages.

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